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Dandi Salt March | 1st year Questions and answers

Chapter 8, Dandi Salt March

1. On which date did the Dandi Salt March commence?
Ans. The Dandi Salt March commenced on 12th March 1930.

2. How many members of the Sabarmati Ashram accompanied Gandhiji on this march?
Ans. Seventy eight male and female members of the Ashram accompanied Gandhiji on this march.

3. In which magazine were the names of the marchers published?
Ans. The names of the marchers were published in "Young India".

4. What was considered child's play by Gandhiji?
Ans. Gandhiji had not trouble in walking twelve miles a day. To him it was child's play.

5. What did Gandhi exhort people to do when he addressed them on the way to Dandi?
Ans. Gandhiji exhorted people to wear khadi, leave alcohol and drugs, give up child marriage, keep clean, lead a pure life and break the salt laws when needed.

6. How many people reached Dandi when Gandhiji finally reached there?
Ans. When Gandhiji finally reached the sea at Dandi his small Ashram band had grown into several thousand strong.

7. What were the words of Mrs. Sarojini Naidu when Gandhiji broke the Salt Law?
Ans. When Gandhiji broke the Salt Law Sarojini Naidu standing by his side said Hail Deliverer.

8. What was the reaction of Subhash Chandra Bose to this breaking of the Salt law?
Ans. Subhash Chandra Bose compared the Salt March to Napoleon's march to Paris on his return from Elba.

9. How many days did it take the Satyagrahis to reach Dandi?
Ans. It took Satyagrahis twenty four days to reach Dandi.

10. On which date did Gandhi and his followers reach Dandi?
Ans. Gandhiji and his followers reached Dandi on 5th April, 1930.

11. What required imagination, dignity and the sense of showmanship of a great artist?
Ans. Walking for twenty four days drawing the attention of the whole country and arousing the danger of the government by publically breaking in to law required imagination, dignity and sense of showmanship.

12. Which quality of Mahatma Gandhi influenced the west most?
Ans. The west was influenced by imagination, dignity and the sense of showmanship of Mahatma Gandhi. The whole world was already influenced by his policy of non-violence.

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