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Chapter 4 - The Heritage of India | BSC 2nd year Question Answer

Chapter 4 - The Heritage of India, BA, BSC, BCOM English all class 2nd year Question and Answer for all university...

Chapter 4 - The Heritage of India

Q.1) In what does the cultural heritage of India lie?
Ans. The cultural heritage of India lies in true recongnition of man's inner world in its diverse outward expression.

Q.2) "Truth is one but it's expression many" Tell the source from where this quotation has been extracted?
Ans. The above quotation has been extracted from the Rigveda.

Q.3) What did the Kathoupnishad speak about the body of man?
Ans. The Kathoupnishad described the human body as a chariot and the intellect as chariot-driver.

Q.4) Is Indian figurative art portraiture of the specific?
Ans. Indian figurative art is not a portraiture of the specific.

Q. 5) What is the significance of 'Trimurti" in Elephanta?
Ans. Three different states of God Shiva namely as Sadashiva, Parvati and Aghora, have been harmonized in "Trimurti" of Elephanta.
Q.6) How does Indian dance provide manifestation of the inner state and vision?
Ans. The Indian dance provide a manifestation of the inner state and vision through a beautiful and complete language of movement.

Q.7) Which God Makes the Hindu Trinity?
Ans. Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh makes the Hindu Trinity.

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